About Us

How We Help Find Forever Homes

When you look at the reality of pet adoption, many families are hesitant because they don't know the history or the temperament of a strange animal. When a rescue dog or cat is at the shelter it's so hard for them to show their true personalities in an effort to get adopted.

Our mission is to showcase amazing rescue animals in a real family environment so they can be seen as loving pets and not just shelter rescues. By doing this we help shelters like St. Bonnie's focus on rescuing and rehabilitating the animals that need it the most.

The Cycle Of Rescue And Adoption

We have partnered with the amazing team at St. Bonnie's Sanctuary and the Lange Foundation to help promote an adoption cycle that helps the animals that need it most. Every forever home that we find makes room at St. Bonnies for an animal too sick to adopt or facing certain euthanasia. This way St. Bonnies can focus on the animals that need the most attention and take the time to train their resuces to be loving pets. Albert and Friends love to help promote this amazing cycle of love and caring for animals.

How We Operate

Albert and Friends Rescue Foundation is family run non-profit run through our Juliant Foundation (501c3). The foundations are personally financed and 100% of all funds received in any form go directly to our animals and to St. Bonnie's. We do this purely as a way to give back to the community and to those in need.