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I want to keep them all. But I know that if we can find a loving forever home for these darlings then I will foster more animals and St. Bonnie's will have more space to rescue the most at risk animals from the county and city shelters. This is the cycle of rescue and adoption that we believe in. The more loving families we can find, the more amazing pets we place, the more animals get rescued. 

Here you will see our available rescues that St. Bonnie's has trained and treated so they are 100% ready to be an amazing and loving pet. There are no mysteries with our fosters, the amazing team at St. Bonnie's spent weeks and months with each of these animals and now you can see them in my home in a real family situation. They are with dogs and children and lots of love.

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Available For Adoption


OMG how cute is Kimmy!? Beautiful tri-color that has all the cats saying meow! She's adorable and super cuddly. She loves attention and would be an amazing addition to a loving family. Please see her pics and videos

Olaf the rescue kitten ready for a forever home


Olaf is the brother of Sky and Lotus and he is amazing. Cute, soft, cuddly, quiet, and fun. He likes other cats and loves people. See his pics and videos

Jack Black the rescue kitten

Jack Black

Jack is such a cool kitten. He's playful and fun but just enough rascal to be special. He's so quiet and easy he'll make a great family kitten. He's got lots of love to give. Please see his pics and videos

Adopted Our Adopted Pets

sky and lotus from albert and friends

Sky and Lotus (bonded pair) ADOPTED !!!!!

Sky and Lotus and brother and sister and they have been adopted together!!!! Thanks to St. Bonnies! They are absolutely darling and so fun. They are very playful and cute and love to cuddle. No problem with the dogs or the other cats. See more pics and videos and details

Briana holds max and bailey from albert and friends

Max and Bailey (bonded pair) **ADOPTED**

Max and Bailey arent brothers but they've been rescued and housed together and are bonded. They are so loving and fun and well behaved. They love kids, have no problem with other dogs. See more pics and videos and details

Brant holds PO

Po (poodle x) ADOPTED!!!

One of the sweetest and softest sweeties we've ever had. He was only with us for a few days and found a great home after being surrendered by a family that had triplets. Happy ending!

Harley *** ADOPTED!!!

Fun, young and now in a forever home. Harley didn't last long but he made a very lasting impression on us!

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