We Love St. Bonnie's

We are so excited to be partnered with St. Bonnie's Sancuary. Their team does such an amazing job rescuing animals from local shelters that would otherwise have no chance of being adopted. I've been a fan of Gillian Lange and the Lange Foundation for years and their dedication to saving animals is truly awe inspiring. 

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What is St. Bonnie's?

St. Bonnies Sancuary is a 4.5 acre ranch in Santa Clarita that rescues abandoned and sheltered animals and rehabilitates them to be loving pets. Part of the Lange Foundation, St. Bonnies focuses on the high kill shelters in the city and counties to pull animals for rescue that would have little or no chance for adoption. Once rescued and at the ranch, the St. Bonnie's will pay for all the required surgeries, grooming and behavioral training to rehabilitate the animal until it's ready to be someone's loving pet. 

St. Bonnies actually stations employees at the local shelters to make sure that no animal is left behind. They rescue dogs and cats and horses.

Gillian Lange

Gillian Lange is a true animal hero. She founded the Lange Foundation in 1993 and saving the cities' most at risk animals. When she bought the property that is now St. Bonnie's Sanctuary, it used to be a horse facility so Gillian decided to rescue horses from the horror that awaits unwanted horses at auction. The Lange Foundation is one of the most respected charitable organizations and Gillian has been at the front of their massive fundraising needs since the begining.

How We Can Help

Albert and Friends donates 100% of our proceeds directly to St. Bonnie's Sanctuary. The heavy cost of animal rescue is a tremendous burden and anything that can be done to help is truly cherished. St. Bonnie's never turns away an animal and once rescued they have a home for life. Through merchandise sales, donations, and fundraising events, Albert and Friends will help St. Bonnie's save more animals and find more loving homes for their wonderful pets.

Meet Gillian Lange